Parabolic SAR Trading Strategy

On the candlestick where this event took place, we take the profit at the level of the green line after the lowest price has been shaped. The fast parabola breaks in the area marked with the green circle. At this moment, close the position with a small profit (green line). Eventually, one of the stop […]

How to Invest in Crypto? 2023 Cryptocurrency Trading 101

Content What are the largest cryptocurrencies? Different Types of Cryptocurrency Trading What is the spread in cryptocurrency trading? Ethereum trading How to Buy RTX Corporation Stock Invest in RTX Transacting or investing Each of these channels has its own pros and cons that we cover in detail here. So as per your requirement and availability, […]

India states considering two-child policy and incentives for sterilisation India

Even after relaxing birth control policies to allow all couples to have two children in 2015, and three children in 2021, birth rates remain low, particularly among the urban middle class favored by the government. Even after relaxing birth-control policies to allow all couples to have two children in 2015, and three children in 2021, […]

Objectives Of Inflation Accounting

These costs are adjusted according to the figures reported by the international companies, which helps to present a clear picture of the firm’s financial position. Inflation accounting is helpful in presenting the true and fair view of financial accounting but still suffers from some deficiencies like its complexity and its non-acceptance. So the company must […]

Scam co to jest? Jak nie dać się oszukać w sieci?

Scam najczęściej rozsyłany jest e-mailami, wiadomościami na portalach społecznościowych, SMS-ami etc. Jeśli padłeś ofiarą oszustwa internetowego, możesz podjąć kilka kroków, aby bądź w gotowości dla cpi i banków centralnych zmniejszyć szkody. Pomoże to zapewnić, że inni ludzie nie padną ofiarą tego samego oszustwa. Warto pamiętać, że nigdy nie powinniśmy otwierać linków niewiadomego pochodzenia. Popularnym rodzajem […]