The text file you were trying to open will open in Notepad++ in a dark theme along with all other text files on your system. This way, you can have a black notepad alternative set up in no time with Notepad++ dark mode Windows 10. As the name suggests, it is an advanced version of the default application present on the PC. As we move further, you can use this simple user interface to save important text documents. Therefore, it is the simplest way to save information in the memory storage of the system.

Additionally, with its built-in themes, you can change colors at your ease. Switching from Light to Dark mode changes the background color/theme to something darker which is preferable by most users. Opening larger files that often slow down in a text editor is a big reason why many began using it, but not use it for day to day notes. It is open-source, free to use, and has a simple UI.

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For Ubuntu, open the terminal and run the command to install Notepad++. In this tutorial, you have learned to install Notepad++ on your Fedora Linux system using snap pacakges. Notepad++ runs over the WINE platform, which provides compatibility for the Windows application on Unix-like operating systems. If my articles on GoLinuxCloud has helped you, kindly consider buying me a coffee as a token of appreciation. Now you can start using notepad from both the menu and the shortcut on the desktop.

If you file Isn’t opening in your Browser, Then Right click on that HTML file and Select Open with option from there. So if you don’t need those features then Notepad is for you. But Notepad is also capable to Create, Save, Edit and Open an HTML File. In notepad , Select the “File” Menu from the Top-Left Corner.

It works similar to the online notepad of Microsoft. With so many agile project management software tools available, it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for you. We’ve compiled a list of 10 tools you can use to take advantage of agile within your organization. Mary Branscombe is a freelance tech journalist. The new Teams app is faster, uses less memory, lets you sign into multiple work accounts — and is the only place the new AI features will show up.

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As I mentioned, Notepad++ supports periodic backups of files to local storage. The time interval and location of backup storage are changeable. The next of Notepad vs. Notepad++ is programming. As discussed, you can open programming files in Notepad, but it does not highlight anything. Notepad++ lets you write code in many languages. Notepad++ is one of the most preferred text editors and a source code editor with Microsoft Windows.


If you’re getting started with PowerShell, this guide will help you to create and run your first script on Windows 10. You can think of it a little bit like a “firewall” between applications running with a lower “integrity level” and those with a higher integrity level . Getting your file in order to share it with other apps… Files converted over 4 hours ago are automatically deleted from our servers. Alternatively, you can use the search field to quickly find the format you need, whether it’s SRT or something else.